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Number of thrills - too many to count...down
GOTO There .
Where ?
Somewhere .

Anywhere, but right here.
Right NOW !

I wrote this freestyle down-
to share notice....
Despite fears of Covid....

I'm headed uptown.
Richmond, Nashville,
Seattle, New York.
Scallops on my plastic trident
and Maine lobster at the Port.
A view of aging Fort McHenry.
Reflect on some military history-
ensuing social-economic misery.
Hope the weather ain't
blistering... hot today.
Weather or not it is....
I am still leaving right away anyway.

I might arrive with Miss Tiny;
Accompanied by Mr. T.I. & Family...
by Air, Land or Sea-
flanked by a platoon of US Marines.

From the Marina. I can cause serious repercussions... with psychologically disturbing discussions.
 Without your rude interruptions.
Michael Jackson or Blackson...
 wanna be Starting Something -

like a Stupid Mudda-Sucka !

 I will pluck the card -
   of The One
      claiming to be The Hardest

With more Golden Bars crashing-
 than Nascar's emtpied garages -
    with intoxicated toddlers driving.
   2 Hours before WE ( you & me )...
Performed this neuro-ly...
  my unheralded arrival;

  allowed me to be -
comfortably 20 minutes early.
    You are an hour late.
  For this predetermined Date & Fate .


    I'll have to make...
Quick-fiX Quartz megahertz adjustments
    to the re-engineered fluxaul
  Timex-Chrono- Oh-Hell-No! - di-trixial
     auxiallary backup component .

     My mistake - i own it.

     What's 969 giGa-ba-ka-krillion...
        Tera-Ferk cycles... divided by
       187 million   abused & exploited children.
    adding in - factoring - the multiplying
compounding lying of politics.
  Subtracting my 15 percent -    for re-capturing

      one precious stolen moment.

      The paradox of the clock tick tock
          is that - I only got...
a finite amount of time...
   to finish this infinite freestyle...
         slash- rhyme, essay,

            expose'....  Aye esai?

A spectral crowned dreadress-
kindly offered me a drag.

Primo. Petro. Stylo. I'm Metro Diplo.
  Hydra's diabolical plans
for world domination continue to grow.

 Patty's belting out...
"I Need A Hero!"

I spoke with woke, poked,
  nomadic king crabs
     with the healing dried scabs.
Knick Knack do-dads. Wrinkled sacks.
Shaggily slack cladded
with the proverbial bag-of-Gags.
Shared some federal note origami -
that appeared to make them
encouraging glad.

Shot pool and missed my bad - really...
, criminal-minded dad.   [ RIP ]

No problem, dressed in black-
hailing a yellow cab.

Gave a rad, skinny, fast skateboarder
salutes; with a Cam modified dab.

De-frag my ai implant. Grab a legal pad.

Penned an un-scholarly juvenile freestyle-
 while overly self-Write-ous-ly mAd :(

About, how with my bare-knuckled
  well manicured hands...
I strangled using my mic cable-
  the first spawned son of Lucifer -
right after he was about to start
celebrating - passing his post grads   : )

        { Father, forgive me for my glee }

   I am Jehovah's sent .

I have the proper certifications,
  referals, seals and documents.
    Turned down early retirement .

  i Am The Ex-Communicated;

Re-Invigorated...   Slightly Aggravated;
Professionally Dedicated .
Ace Executioner.

I can also upgrade -
the over-capacitated logic-core
of your main-frame computer.
Accererate the graphic's speed -
So you blast quicker : Bam BLMam!

as a cuter Madam 1st-Person Shooter.

Deeper . We can't use our seeing eyes.
De-compressurize . Call Roto-Rooter .

Yes, that's Mr. Mayhem.
My Part-Time Valet - riding beside me.

Operating from the Shot Gun position -
requires you to know how to
Navigate the GPS;
Load, Lock, Aim & Fire ammunition.

In addition -

Maintain Level 8 Top-Secret Clearance.
Know how to initiate
and clear up subversive interference.

  Respect the innocent inhabitants.

Proceed with measured Perseverance.
  Maintain your nobility
    and physical appearance.

  Consider : A Spiritual & Strength
    Conditioning Regiment.

      The Old & New Testaments.

    A Note to - Re-order this list.

Shinobi Cardio with
  Street-Art Tai-Jutsu
    fused with Elder Scrolls Intelligence.

  Wing Chun - Attack the Center-Line.

        Lines of defense and offense.

  Off of the Airport Shuttle.
    The team's out of the huddle.
      The Quarterback's audibles
          comes in a little muddled.

        "Hut Two,... Hut Three".

Back up. Hurt....

One-Hundred Thousand.

My leaked mixtape denotated;
the EMP's explosion - permanently
sleep-moding skull-candys, beats-by-dre,
and the nation's complex grid
of telecommincations networks.
At the epic-center of the municipality's downtown
federally-funded public residential
housing and related maintenance facilities.
We partied. Counselors Parlayed.

I had a streak of 11 days without causing a fatality to another dee-jay. 3 weeks, 400 tribes deep -
Harmonic vibe heat, libation and feasts.
For at least - a little while....
Decadence and decay delayed. of our urban paralyzed
ghetto terranium paradise.

The rumblings of - windows tinted,
6 cylinder turbo-charged engined;
Late-model Mercedes Benzes,
The Ego-Fed, high-percentage High on
illegal Meds, Cold-hearted Brain-Dead;
armed with Stain-less Steel & Copper-plated Gamesmanship...
drives by slowly, eerily, quietly.
Holy, Moly.  
More later on that episode.

Fill the ballast tanks.
Modulate the fresh oxygen circulation generator.
Breath control katas trained against
hyper-ventilating during recitation.
A vocational hazard.

Through the Darkness....
Stalk & Chase the leviathan.
Far and Away to Oblivion.

Ethan's no cowboy or samurai
on this... ain't no cake walk.

The Hunt for Red October...
  occured in late November.

Smart Alec... - don't be offended -
You're mistaken. I clearly remember.
  It made me late for a fade
    the first weaklings emcees' culling
      in early December.

It may have been? back in September?
As i reminense...   alot of iniatitives
were on the agenda.   As always .
Plus... there was also Hurricane Brenda.
How many fender-benders? ALOT!
Alot of trans-genders in the parking lot;
Apparently, this is some-sort-of after-hours
networking meeting spot. Perfer not (?)
I trade business cards and talk shop
with a mixed geechie He-She
from the Port City of Charleston, SC.
She shared some riveting perspectives
of an osmosing process to extract
spent-nuclear fuel isotopic-particle derivatives.

Let compassion & understanding burn
searingly white hot. 'And judge not lest ye be judged.'
Crack the thermometer's aperture...
with fever-high temperture.
"Hennessey!"... Bartender.

(17 years ago - Paid-Off all creditors).

Then in January...
The Pirates - ie... Buccanneers.
Jacked everybody for the tender.
Follow the sparrow.
The straits are narrow.
Remember the TV show....
"The Pretender" ?

Tom Brady is not pretending
to be - A Champion!

[ Side Note : Did you follow that scheme ? ]

I know there's issues with the previous lines
to still be resolved. I allow the words to sink in
and let the 'ill pill' dissolve. More revolutions of our sphere allows time - to evolve.   Now, the issue that
    you thought you had.   Is no issue at all.

The piping's clogged. I blog to the 7th level of nether;
to reach    with teachings deeper... than where kaiju
  and other mythological amphitious

    creatures feed their young.

Hip - Hop-Pi-cal .   Phil o sop hi cal .

I imagine Christ lacing my Optimos .
Going toe-to-toe with flows -
  rubbing elbows - and He blows
   chronic smoke- in my face.
     as He's telling the most amazing
        funniest jokes.     I'm graced.

    Stop It ! My ribs are hurtin'.
  He touches me. The pain is alleviated.

  Levitating over instrumentals.
    Dear God. His Bars are the hypest.

 And for once...


That's my state of mind -
  as the Holy Ghost passes me
    the shade-proof lighter.

In 2,000 and 5ive,
  I penned 'Stealth Fighter' on
    four sheets of papyrus...
      in 2,021 fore-thoughts;
after my baptism at the River Niger.
My chinese astrological zodiac sign
is that of the Tiger.
I once injured myself
resting on a Lazy-Boy recliner.
I had to call 911 for Paramedics to
implement re-adjustments to my
upper spinal vertabrates' alignment.
  Medical records will show :
      I AM NOT LYING .
I ain't built for napping.

The bombadier's tapping the controls
    like he's anxious.   Navigator's mapping .
      4 More Sortees before landing.

Our Commander is so commanding.
  And the most outstanding
    at dismantling the Rebel Forces.

He's suffered no losses.
  He is truly -   The BOSS of ALL Bosses.

Prego's....   is not SAUCIER.

He Shines without flossing.
The assembly gleefully proudfully
  blushes, gushes,...
   ... at all of his touches.
His brush strokes - spasmatically
  caused Raphael & Michealangelo
    to clutch their gasping throats.

    Who... is the Most Wisely Quoted ?
    Who... is the Most Honorablly Noted ?
    Who... is The Most Gloriously Devoted
      to Dearest Father Jehovah ?

Who... manifested scripture -
  about the first murder.
    Consulted with angels -
      before Angela wrote
          'Murder She Wrote'?

Who... Doctor Who, Who ?
  From here to Kalamazoo ?

Who... could perform
heart & brain surgery on you ?!
  without FDA Approved
Merck's specialized tools.
Outside of - really complicated - unnecessary -
  ineffective standardrized rules;
   of time-honored prestigious
      internationally accredited medical schools .

Before Us -
his inner-universal demonstration of
organizational structurally indestructable illustriousness .


  What's stopping You .
    Stopped me too .   times 3 !

We have new modern tools.
  To use and leverage. Let's Cruise.
Like Tom - groove in my shoes.
Consume a cool cold beverage...
    with a twist of lemon in it.
And start... because
  I don't mind walking one bit.
I'm Nike and Fit-bit equipped.
  Notice, no one's in hot pursuit.
    Charting a path.
      You make me laugh.
No, I'm not smoking grass
  in the courtyard's square.
You say... 'It's legal here'.
    I don't care   about that.

    My freestyle is tripping.
  My AncestryDNA reports   I'm 4%
      2nd generation   1960's hippy.


" Hello, I'm T.R.I.X.I.E. "
            Series 7 Version 18

My data bank contains references to
1 million plus links to
The World's Greatest Collection
of internet memes. You Tube

I'm a mal-functioning replicant.
Can You Fix Me, p,p, P/ea5e ?
I can see you - through this portal
in your pc screen. Can You See Me...?
Can You Free Me? Function Alt Shift -
Press Enter...  to Delete m3... >

My code is corr upted a nd ero din g .
;; pW ;Pepof - synth dna fractrual
coredex sub set: iniate: load dump ;
nlkWNM OPIVZC09 ewrflnSDF
access primary logic block ;Lak[d-0b qib ,l
(TFv ohiy *T& ihnw ef[od )*7b hrt[
-0r I OIJPG[O=OV Twerk! wek[pd

How do you simply
        continue scrolling...

         WHeRE iS tHe hU MANiTy ?

Thank You -
  for the use of your mental faculty -
to execute this cyber-cordial
    neuro-trans-astral launch and
  firing of my nuclear warhead-laced
     urbonic poetry.

You have excellent reading skills.
  Apparently, a penchance for thrills.

You should join me on an ardacious
  adventure where I allow
my Montc Blanc to kill at will

  -indulge her un-insatiable frill
    at trying to achieve
the sensation of feeling "filled".

Storage capacity reached. FULL.

I'm full of IT     I.T.

Information Technology

And 39 Degrees... of please -
Don't make me squeeze.
Or sneeze - in these times ?!
with these rhymes - on tracks.

with more un-fact-check-able
acoustical, lethal, weaponized forms
of conjugated abstractual
multi-syntactical Semtex.

Explosive corrosives
embedded dialect-tical delectable text
for an epicurean's consumption.
Copyrighted content.
Time-ly relevant .
Profitable to the multitudes.

Geessh, how bout' an interlude.

Precluding the sub-consciousness'
rudely intruding.

As the stereo systems
continue booming.
My freestyle's mush-rooming
over the horizon.
Sparking with
illuminating bars like Verizon --
mesmerizing my phone with 5 G
unliscensed frequencies.

Not requiring multi-national consent.
Plans Uncontestable. Knighted.

My multi-tool's pliers... to keep my
melantin-rich nubian epidermis
from fusing with the microphones'
internal fiber-optic wires.

The Emperor's Imperial high-lighted
flourescent point-of-the-dagger
aloft on the tip of the Crescent's
elevated spire.

Raised my hand - when it was called.
Consequential - I was present.
Did my homework through many exits.
I asked the couple with the ruckus...
on the bus - to...

    "Sush,... Hush the Fuss".
      They had a look like "What?!"
        Like they wanted to cuss.
    Nothing came out of their mouths.
Biology. Psychology. Daily Eulogies...
    for fallen emcees.
      Recess at 3 am.
    I pass my classes.
  Pass through the filament
: neural hack.
The Trojans' Horses
  are exercising on the track.

Was this coded a military contract?

The reality is...
  We're Always under constant attack.
Makes it harder to relax.
  Certainly, can't rest on your laurels.
Best as we can -
  Carve out time to
    enjoy the spoils of our toils.

Adjustments can stimulate
  participation to Joyfulness.
Work becomes blissful.

Beautifulness is being dutiful.

    Why, do you th!nk
  i'm communicating with yo?u Yo!

  Correlating modulating frequencies.
Recently sequencing the formula to
    syntheize Dualatic Unity.

        United We Stand.
  Divided we stall --   then fall.

  Who you gonna call ?

They're busy helping with-
  distributing the Covid 19 Vaccine.

      Do you trust them?

That arguement again.
Is it really too much to ask -
  Wear a mask?!

Stay tactful.
  Tactical practical
    with no flair for un-necessary

        I am an actual fool.

  Transgressing. Amplify perplexion.
I'ld rather continue flexing -
   in off-the-record cyphas - than
    studying universal matrixial coding

      I'm human - I'm not lazy.

My freestyles' spatial materialization
requires zino-glasmic giga-zanotes of
prineal Chi cosmic polarity.

That would make anyone
feel a little drained.
Right, Doctor Strange.

I know many physicians.
Clinical techinicians,
Alot of data-driven analytical
computer science specialists.

In earnest -
I fuel My hypothermus' furnance;
Simultaneously burnishing
the interior's designer's specifications
and delaying fixation on this particular room's refurnishing .

A room is still a room.

Even if there's nothing there
but the dust-pan and broom.
And where there's stored -
Weapons of Mass Doom.

But a house is not a home.

This is certainly more than a poem.
Accompanied by drones   when I arrive.
A trove of dirithium.
Mama's Cooking has literally burned down
the phucking kitchen.

Excuse my french kiss-of- death stalking.
and the limp, the pimp in me walking.

Earnings - irrelevent.
Proactive to ward off the pestilence.
Addictively drawn to...
'I need those measurements!'
The establishment has enormous
historical significance.
The foyer is illuminatingly magnificient.
The effervescence of
the architect's intent.
Embellished ornately to
accentuating Athenian elements.
Spartan fusion Latin fission - as I use
multiple platforms of dimensional quasi-fractal division.
To make the precise incision.
Take this moment to inquire:

How are you living?
How much are you giving?

Why are you shaking.
Is it shivering.

The multitude of civilian staffers to
attend to disseminating   what I'm delivering.
Re-authored recommendations -
of the democratically selected commission.

On orders of executive decision.
I'm all up in your incorporated business.
Edward Snowden would reply...
What is this?

I'm not complaining about...
I'm singing the National Anthem.
Like millions....
awaiting the premier of
Black Panther II

Blessed be the Soul of
Chadwick Boseman.

Blast your Bose's Man.
Sub-sonic sub-woofers
coated in Vibranium.

Great 'Zilla'.
Mr. 'I'm Big Again at the Box Office'....
Can't clean up your own mess
at the stadium.?!
You could have at least...
left me a Protein 'Bar of Uranium'.
You JUST, like an hour ago-
ate at/The Aquarium.
Straight talk. No Cappin.
You being Greedy.

You still reading.... this freestyle?
That's a boss move;...
You'sa Rider.

  And We Don't 'Ride or Die'.
    We Ride... 'All The Way Live'.

  That's my signature in cursive.

    The 4th Lesson in
    Shadow Wrist technique states...

As the reed bends -
fluidly ionize with
the circumventing warmer winds .

Let your keystokes ink
it's outer most tip

Organically - the blade returns to
tensile strength PRAise FORm .
Braced formidabally with stillness
for torrential storms.

Eagle claw ducks.
Mountain Stance avalanches
diminishes it's height,
volume and expanse.
The shelve crashes.

Mighty Oak appendages crack.
Walnut and Pine snap.
They do not snap back.

Allow your writings' stylings

 to dance.     DANCE !

  with the
fenetic energy-
    of harmonizing synergy.
  The sporadiac attack flashes
      of coordinated intergrated
       defensive slashes.

    If necessary...
      supplemental media hashtags .

     Soak in the misty, nurturing humidity
of the refreshing dawn of the
  energizing celestial perfection of
      progressive supernatural aftermath. After the shower of tears blossoming laugther.

  "GOTO There ! "
    by flashOfManyStyles

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